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Obstetrics And Pregnancy Care


Preconception Counseling

You might consider a preconception visit to plan for a healthy pregnancy.  During this visit we can perform a comprehensive review of your medical history, family history, and when appropriate obstetrical history.  This will help us identify risk factors, and optimize treatment of any pre-existing medical conditions.  If you are thinking of becoming pregnant we might need to adjust medications you are taking.  We might also recommend routine tests and vitamin supplements to start prior to conception.   Your preconception visit could be your first step towards a healthier outcome for you and your baby.

General Obstetrical Care

At Potomac Ob Gyn we offer both routine and high-risk obstetrical care.  We will strive to collaborate with you to affect an eventual delivery that results in both a healthy baby and a healthy mom.   Our practice combines our years of experience in the field with the most up to date innovations and recommendations from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.   While pregnancy is generally an exciting and joyous time, we know there will be questions and concerns.  We are anxious to start addressing your concerns as early as possible.  If you think you might be pregnant you should take a home test.  If your home pregnancy test is positive you can start taking a prenatal vitamin and schedule your first appointment. 

1st Trimester

In the first trimester, we will begin your care with a standardized panel of lab work and tests. We will utilize ultrasound exam to confirm the pregnancy viability and due date. There are also more specialized screening tests that we might offer and discuss including genetic testing in the first trimester.  The first few visits are a great time to answer all your questions and talk about the expected course of prenatal care.

2nd Trimester

As you enter the second trimester we will make plans for your 20-week ultrasound.  This is a more comprehensive look at your baby’s internal organ development and often includes a look at the baby’s gender.  We will start to develop discussions about prenatal classes and classes on the care of your newborn.  There is another set of labs including a screen for gestational diabetes that we recommend between 24 and 28 weeks.   You can also start to register at the Hospital for your delivery, as well as start to look into options for a pediatrician if you don’t already have one.

3rd Trimester

During the third trimester, the visits to the office will become more frequent.  We will review what precautions you need to be taking and when we want you to call us with any symptoms or problems.  By this time we will be recommending monitoring you and the baby more regularly as we prepare for delivery.  The last of the routine test, a Group B Strep culture will be done, and we will start evaluating your cervix as your due date approaches.  At this time we can have discussions about your expectations for the delivery, any plans for anesthesia, and any other concerns you might have. 

High-Risk Obstetrical Care

We will provide care for high-risk obstetrical patients.  Sometimes these are patients with known medical conditions who become pregnant. Other times patients start out as routine and then develop pregnancy specific complications such as preterm labor, high blood pressure, and gestational diabetes.   These high-risk pregnancies may require more frequent visits, tests, and sonograms.  We will also be able to collaborate with local high-risk pregnancy specialist to help coordinate your care.


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