MonaLisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch Procedure

I am now offering a new treatment, MonaLisa Touch for “genitourinary  syndrome of menopause.” This refers to the thinning of vaginal tissue which develops in some women after menopause and can cause burning, dryness, pain with sexual activity and varied urinary symptoms, including more frequent infections. MonaLisa Touch in Rockville, MD

What is the Mona Lisa Touch?

MonaLisa Touch is an FDA approved technology that has been used in Europe for years and was approved in the United States in September of 2014. The treatment is a CO2 laser that stimulates the cells of the vagina to produce collagen fibers that increase elasticity and moisture. Studies indicate that this is a safe and effective treatment- it can be used for women for whom vaginal hormone treatment is not acceptable or appropriate or where hormones have been inadequate. No serious adverse effects have been reported and the treatment success rate ranges from 85-94%. This was originally developed in Italy as a treatment for young breast cancer patients who were rendered menopausal by treatment. It was so successful that the indications expanded and it has now been used on close to 30,000 women worldwide. 

MonaLisa Touch Procedure

The procedure consists of three treatments six weeks apart that are performed in my office. Each treatment takes approximately five minutes with minimal discomfort, and has no downtime- in other words, you walk out and go back to work, home, exercise, or whatever else you may have planned for the day. A once yearly maintenance treatment is then required that could be performed at the same time as your annual exam.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for the MonaLisa Touch procedure, please go to our Appointment Request page. Enter your information as requested and in the notes section enter “MonaLisa Touch.” I will then contact you to answer any questions you may have, and if appropriate, to schedule an appointment for you. If you are an established patient and have not been in to see me in the past year, please schedule your annual exam and we can discuss the procedure at that time. If you are a new patient who would like to be seen only for MonaLisa Touch therapy, please indicate that in the notes section awnd you will be contacted to determine if you are an appropriate candidate and if so, to schedule an appointment. 

As I hope you know, I care deeply about my patients and I am always looking for ways to improve care. I am happy to be able to offer a new, safe and effective treatment for this common problem.


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