Menopause Symptoms
Menopause Rockville Montgomery County, MD

Menopausal symptoms for our patients in Rockville include hot flashes, menstrual irregularity, vaginal dryness, night sweats, difficulty with intercourse, and decreased sexual desire. These symptoms are attributed to the natural decrease in your body’s own hormones; specifically estrogen and testosterone. While these symptoms are usually expected at some point in life and can be considered normal, they might be adversely affecting you overall quality of life.

Treatment options include lifestyle changes, over the counter supplements and remedies, and prescription medications such as hormone replacement. While prescription hormone replacement therapy comes in a variety of different formulations, it may not be your first choice. We will be able to review and summarize the pros and cons of all the above mentioned options taking into account your health issues, to arrive at the best management recommendations to fit your personal needs. If you think you are experiencing menopausal symptoms call us to arrange a consultation.

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