When Is a Hysterectomy Needed?
By Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC
January 25, 2022
Category: Women Health Care
Tags: Hysterectomy  

If you’re considering a hysterectomy in Rockville, MD, Dr. Leslie Masiky and Dr. Aliya Poshni at Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC are happy to discuss your options so that you can make the most informed decision about your health.

What Exactly Is A Hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy in Rockville, MD is a major surgery during which a woman’s uterus is removed. In some cases, the surgery can save lives and might be the only treatment that will work for certain conditions. However, it can cause many unwanted side effects, potentially impacting the woman’s quality and length of life.

As such, it’s imperative to understand when it’s necessary and when it isn’t so that you only agree to the surgery when you actually need it. The following are some times this surgery may be the answer.


If you have tumors in your uterus, the first option is to try to remove them. If it’s not possible for Dr. Masiky or Dr. Poshni to fully or cleanly remove them, the uterus may need to be removed instead.


Sometimes, such as after several vaginal births, a part of the uterus can drop into the vagina. This is called a uterine prolapse. It can lead to urine leakage, pain, constipation, and more. A hysterectomy may be necessary to relieve these symptoms.


There are rare times when the uterus might rupture. It can occur if there are issues during delivery. In such a case, you might need a hysterectomy immediately to stop the bleeding and save the baby.


Fibroids are noncancerous growths that can lead to pelvic pain, low back pain, and heavy periods. Often, they can be treated or removed. However, if neither of these options is viable or presents the desired results, removing the uterus might be the best solution.


Endometriosis is a condition in which tissues grow on the outside of the uterus that should be inside the uterus. It can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. While hormonal treatments are typically effective, some women need the uterus removed to address this issue.

Let Dr. Masiky and Dr. Poshni help you explore your treatment options and determine if a hysterectomy in Rockville, MD is the right choice for you. Call Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC at (301) 569-6301 for an appointment.