What to Expect During Pregnancy
By Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC
August 31, 2022
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As you enter different stages of your life, you may start contemplating the idea of starting a family. Pregnancy is a different journey for each person, but you want to make sure that you understand what you can expect in this process and understand that you have help along the way. Dr. Leslie Masiky and Dr. Aliya Poshni at Potomac OB-GYN in Rockville, MD, can explain the basics of pregnancy and what you can expect during this experience.

What to Expect During Pregnancy

When you’re getting ready to conceive, it’s important to plan a visit with your obstetrician in Rockville, MD, so that you know what to expect during your pregnancy and so that you have all the tools to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Your doctor will be able to examine you and take a look at your medical history to see if you’re in danger of having a high-risk pregnancy. This can give you a better idea of what your pregnancy may be like and you can ask any questions and raise any concerns you may have.

During the first trimester, you’ll start having genetic testing done. You can also have the viability of the pregnancy checked and find out your due date! As you enter your second trimester, you’ll be able to find out the gender and take a more comprehensive look at your baby’s organ development. This is also the time that you can start looking for a pediatrician.

Once you enter the third trimester, you should expect to see your obstetrician on a regular basis as you prepare for delivery. Until then, you should be sure to relax and follow all instructions from your doctor to ensure that your delivery is easy and goes smoothly.

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Pregnancy can be overwhelming but is also a beautiful and joyous time. Contact Dr. Leslie Masiky and Dr. Aliya Poshni at Potomac OB-GYN in Rockville, MD, to find out what you can expect during your pregnancy. Call for more information today at (301) 654-2275.