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By Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC
January 25, 2022
Category: Women Health Care
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If you’re considering a hysterectomy in Rockville, MD, Dr. Leslie Masiky and Dr. Aliya Poshni at Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC are happy to discuss your options so that you can make the most informed decision about your health.

What Exactly Is A Hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy in Rockville, MD is a major surgery during which a woman’s uterus is removed. In some cases, the surgery can save lives and might be the only treatment that will work for certain conditions. However, it can cause many unwanted side effects, potentially impacting the woman’s quality and length of life.

As such, it’s imperative to understand when it’s necessary and when it isn’t so that you only agree to the surgery when you actually need it. The following are some times this surgery may be the answer.


If you have tumors in your uterus, the first option is to try to remove them. If it’s not possible for Dr. Masiky or Dr. Poshni to fully or cleanly remove them, the uterus may need to be removed instead.


Sometimes, such as after several vaginal births, a part of the uterus can drop into the vagina. This is called a uterine prolapse. It can lead to urine leakage, pain, constipation, and more. A hysterectomy may be necessary to relieve these symptoms.


There are rare times when the uterus might rupture. It can occur if there are issues during delivery. In such a case, you might need a hysterectomy immediately to stop the bleeding and save the baby.


Fibroids are noncancerous growths that can lead to pelvic pain, low back pain, and heavy periods. Often, they can be treated or removed. However, if neither of these options is viable or presents the desired results, removing the uterus might be the best solution.


Endometriosis is a condition in which tissues grow on the outside of the uterus that should be inside the uterus. It can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. While hormonal treatments are typically effective, some women need the uterus removed to address this issue.

Let Dr. Masiky and Dr. Poshni help you explore your treatment options and determine if a hysterectomy in Rockville, MD is the right choice for you. Call Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC at (301) 569-6301 for an appointment.

By Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC
December 16, 2021
Category: Women Health Care
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In a woman’s lifetime, she can expect to have at least one pap smear come back with abnormal test results. The number of abnormal paps is about 5% overall. If you have ever had an abnormal pap smear in Rockville, MD, chances are there is nothing to worry about. However, Dr. Aliya Poshni, Dr. Leslie Masiky, and Dr. Adam Footer at Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC prefer to check it out just to be sure.

What Does an Abnormal Pap Smear Mean?

When there are changes in the cervix cells, also referred to as dysplasia, it results in an abnormal pap. Doctors use the results of a pap smear as their way to screen for and prevent cervical cancer. If you have an abnormal pap smear, your physician will call you into the office to advise you of the next step. However, an abnormal pap is not an indication of cancer, so don’t panic when you get a call from the doctor with these results. A number of things could have caused this result, such as:

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Inflammation of the pelvic area
  • An infection
  • Sexual activity
  • Genital warts
  • Precancerous cells and/or cancerous lesions

An abnormal pap smear in Rockville, MD, causes the doctor to request further testing. Your doctor might want to do a screening for HPV or a Colposcopy as an attempt to confirm the result. Sometimes the doctor recommends various treatment or management procedures. These procedures may be as minor as a repeat of the pap test with frequent recurrence. Another treatment option is a LEEP, Loop Electrical Excision Procedure. It is also advisable for the patient to get the vaccine for HPV, which aids in the deterrence of future abnormal pap tests.

Contact Us

If you have had an abnormal pap smear in Rockville, MD, contact our staff at Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC. You can call (301) 569-6301 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Poshni, Dr. Masiky, or Dr. Footer.

By Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC
July 09, 2021
Category: Women Health Care
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How a myomectomy from your gynecologists in Rockville, MD, can help you

If you have difficulty getting pregnant, or you are experiencing heavy bleeding or cramping during your period, you could have fibroids. A fibroid is a growth that isn’t cancer, however, fibroids can produce unpleasant symptoms like severe cramping and heavy bleeding.

A myomectomy can reduce or eliminate these unpleasant symptoms by removing the fibroids growing in your uterus. The gynecologists at Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC in Rockville, MD, offer comprehensive women’s health services, including myomectomy surgery to help you.

During a myomectomy, your surgeon will remove the fibroids and reconstruct any damage done to your uterus. Myomectomy surgery can:

  • Decrease heavy bleeding during menstruation
  • Reduce pelvic pressure and pain that occurs with menstruation
  • Decrease the severity of cramping during menstruation
  • Reduce or eliminate fertility issues caused by fibroids

A myomectomy is an excellent alternative to a hysterectomy because it is minimally invasive. To remove fibroids, a myomectomy may be indicated if you:

  • Want to remain fertile and have children
  • Have fertility issues due to fibroids
  • Want to keep your uterus and ovaries intact

A myomectomy can be performed using minimally invasive surgery, typically done using a laparoscope or a hysteroscope. Each of these methods uses a thin tube that contains a camera attached to one end. The camera allows your surgeon to view the inside of your uterus.

The instrument is inserted into your cervix or incisions to locate the fibroid growths. After the fibroids are located, they can be removed and evaluated or biopsied.

A myomectomy is an excellent alternative to a hysterectomy. Myomectomy surgery causes minimal scarring and bleeding, and requires only minimal downtime. To learn more about myomectomy surgery and how it can help you, call the gynecologists of Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC in Rockville, MD, at (301) 569-6301. Call today!

By Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC
July 07, 2021
Category: Women Health Care
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How regular visits from your gynecologists in Rockville, MD, can protect your health.

A gynecologist is an important part of a woman’s healthcare team. Your gynecologist is an expert at taking care of your reproductive system, so including regular visits to your gynecologist, every year can keep you healthy.

The gynecologists at Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC in Rockville, MD, offer a wide variety of women’s healthcare services, including annual visits to protect your health.

Your gynecologist treats women of all ages, from when menstruation first starts, to postmenopausal women.

For young women who are first menstruating, regular visits are important because your gynecologist can:

  • Advice on birth control methods if you are sexually active
  • Regulate your periods if they are irregular, late, or heavy
  • Perform an examination if you have missed a period to determine if you are pregnant
  • Treat severe cramping or severe bleeding associated with your period
  • Perform a pap smear to determine the presence of cancerous cells
  • Do a breast examination to check for lumps that may indicate breast cancer

For older women who are pre-menopausal, menopausal, or post-menopausal, your gynecologist can:

  • Treat symptoms associated with menopause, including hot flashes, cold sweats, weight gain, and other symptoms
  • Perform a pap smear to determine the presence of cancerous cells
  • Do a breast examination to check for lumps that may indicate breast cancer
  • Treat brittle bones or osteoporosis, one of the consequences of menopause

You should also visit your gynecologist in between regular visits if you:

  • Notice a yellow, green, or grey discharge from your vagina
  • Experience abdominal or pelvic cramping or pain that doesn’t go away
  • Notice a lump in one or both of your breasts
  • Experience breast tenderness that doesn’t go away

Your gynecologist can help you stay healthy, and it all begins with regular visits, at least once each year. To find out more about the importance of regular visits to your gynecologist and how they can protect your health, call the gynecologists of Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC in Rockville, MD, at (301) 569-6301. Call today.

By Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC
February 19, 2021
Category: Women Health Care
Tags: Menopause   Gynecologist  

Menopause is a natural process that occurs later in life when a woman’s body stops producing reproductive hormones. Several symptoms can occur in conjunction with menopause, such as hot flashes and night sweats. These symptoms are normal but can cause some women discomfort. The experienced gynecologists at Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC in Rockville, MD, can help with your menopause by recommending specific treatment options for managing symptoms.

Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause can occur anywhere between the 30s and late 60s, but 51 years is the average age of onset for most women. Menopause is considered to officially have begun when 12 months have elapsed since a woman’s last menstrual cycle.

Menopause can be associated with a wide range of symptoms, many of which are due to a decrease in the body’s hormone levels.

Common menopause symptoms include:

  • Cessation of menstruation
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Night sweats
  • Hot flashes
  • Weight gain
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue

The decrease in hormone levels can also lead to diminished sex drive. Additionally, the lower hormone levels can increase a woman’s risk of developing osteoporosis after menopause. Osteoporosis is a condition associated with a loss in bone density. This can lead to brittle bones that are more prone to injury. Other symptoms of menopause include feelings of anxiety, depression, and irritability.

Treatments for Menopause Symptoms

Several treatment options are available at our office in Rockville, MD, for managing menopause symptoms. Some methods for managing menopause symptoms include lifestyle changes, over-the-counter supplements, prescription medications, and topical lubricants for vaginal dryness and discomfort. Hormone replacement therapy is another treatment option, but should not be used by women with a history of certain types of cancers. Our knowledgeable gynecologists can discuss the different treatment methods with you and help you make an informed decision.

Experiencing menopause is a natural process, but the symptoms can affect the overall quality of life for some women. Various treatments are available that can reduce symptoms and help you feel more like yourself again. Schedule an appointment with one of our skilled gynecologists to learn about the different treatments for menopause by calling Potomac Ob Gyn, LLC in Rockville, MD, at (301) 569-6301.